You’re getting Married! WONDERFUL!
Celebrate your wedding vows in the romantic and beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Your personalized wedding ceremony deserves to be a

Since 1996 I’ve performed ceremonies for many couples from diverse backgrounds—universal, traditional, ethnic, spiritual, inter-faith, multi-cultural and nature lovers.

Ways I assist you:
• Variety of versions available (interfaith, traditional, ethnic, non-religious)
• Create your own version to reflect your faith and beliefs
• Add in special customs or rituals, verse or song
• Ways to include children
• Casual or formal, lighthearted or solemn
• Two or more gathered together (I can provide witnesses, if necessary)
• Suggestions for inspiring settings, flowers, photographer, music, etc.

Make your wedding memorable with vows that reflect what is most intimate and meaningful to you as you join your lives in marriage. Together we can create a ceremony that supports and honors your individuality and reflects your personal faith, love and commitment to one another. Read more about Personalized Ceremonies 

With several services to choose from and with the freedom to edit, add, delete or rewrite, the process becomes meaningful, fun and easy. The service can be short or long, lighthearted or solemn, casual or formal, with only yourselves or as many family and friends as you desire.

There are also numerous elements that may be included. Some examples are special music, ethnic or religious customs, prose or poetry reading, a Unity Candle, personal vows or special acknowledgments, or the inclusion of children.

As your minister, I will help you create a service that will reflect your personal faith, love and commitment to each other. Your wedding is an opportunity to share with one another and declare with friends and loved ones what is most intimate and meaningful to you as you join your lives in marriage.

Heart & Soul Ceremony with Nancy Rose Southern is the perfect combination for your magical day.

Please contact Nancy Southern for further information at 360-306-8528.

Read more about Personalized Ceremonies